Space for Writing

‘The fact is that writing is hard work, and sometimes you don’t want to do it, and you can’t think of what to write next, and you’re fed up with the whole damn business.’
Philip Pullman

Every writer knows how hard it is to find the time and space you need. Even when you do it for a living, even when you have deadlines looming, everything else seems to take priority. This is your opportunity to take time for yourself and your writing – whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, poetry or a play, a thesis or a translation – to leave all those other preoccupations behind. We are two arts professional with long experience of publishing and the performing arts; we offer a writers’ retreat tailored to your individual needs, a haven of peace and productivity in the Scottish Borders – remote, beautiful and under 4 hours by train from Kings Cross.

As an in-house editor with blue-chip pedigree and over thirty years’ experience, I understand the pressures and frustrations, temptations and distractions of the writing life. At our writers’ retreat you can enjoy cloistered calm and concentration in comfortable spaces (with free wifi throughout), surrounded by secluded gardens and glorious countryside. In addition to the privacy of your own bedroom, bathroom and sitting room – with dedicated writing spaces, squashy chairs and sofas and an open fire – you are welcome to retreat to the library (where you might like to work in the mezzanine hideaway), curl up with your first draft in the hammock under the damson tree, or ruminate with a drink by a crackling fire.

Photo: Stephen Whitehorne

Just as peace, privacy and a working atmosphere conducive to concentration are guaranteed, so we also set great store by creature comforts. Spaces for writing and sitting are designed with serious comfort in mind; tea, coffee and nibbles are constantly on tap; and the cottage is cosy and well heated in winter and flooded with sunlight in summer. In addition, I can offer practical support in the form of a reading service, copyediting advice, punctuation workshops, and solid tips on pitching your work to publishers, all on an hourly basis.